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Can't move? We have the solution :
  1. Measure :

Place your foot on a white sheet on the ground and using a ruler or tape measure the length of the strongest foot .

  1. Photograph:

To best match the shape of your feet, photograph your Flat foot and your Ankle so that we can find you and offer you the most suitable model.

Follow the model below to take your measurements:

3- We are here to advise you:

Contact us by sending us all the items requested, the pre-selected shoe models and your contact details at the following address: We will help you find the pair of shoes adapted to your size and corresponding to your morphology

Your guide to choosing shoe sizes, heels and soles:


Choose the appropriate heel height:

  • 3-4 cm: Only for Lowheels (these heels are recommended for people who cannot wear heels) or for certain dances such as: Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, etc.)

  • 5-6 cm: Recommended for beginners in Dance, as well as for those who rarely wear high heels. Recommended for people with back or foot problems.

  • 7 cm: Recommended and ideal for all comfortable and experienced dancers. The 7 cm heels give a good arch , they form pretty feet and offer you a better posture in order to better follow the guidance of your partner.

  • 9 cm: Recommended for experienced dancers with many years of experience! These are very high heels, they propel the dancer forward and make pointe shoes easier. It is also a height more suitable for Kizomba because it projects the body forward

  • 10.5 cm: Recommend Only to Kizomba dancers because they are accompanied by a rigid platform at the front of the shoe to ensure good stability .

Soles :

DRS soles:

  • Allows you to dance and walk indoors and outdoors

  • Ultra Flexible allows Pointing

Leather Soles (Nubuck):

  • Allows dancing indoors only 

  • Ultra Flexible allows you to point

  • Maintains with the bristle brush (see Accessories catalog)

Platform Soles (Plateau):

  • To dance Kizomba only

  • Gives more thickness to the front of the foot to accentuate the Comfort of the Arch of the foot

  • Compensates for Heel Height

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Discover our selection guide

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Discover our selection guide by reference.

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